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Currently, our city flag isn’t actually a city flag. It’s the City of Rockford corporate logo on a white background. It doesn’t represent the community as a whole and it was never meant to; it was meant to replace our outdated city seal which the city government puts on press releases and official documents.


You see, as awesome and as well-designed as our government logo is, it’s not a city flag. You won’t see it on those Rockford Art Deli t-shirts or custom beer glasses, or really anywhere outside of government buildings, because it doesn’t instill a sense of pride. We need a city flag that does just that.


Community groups in cities like Tulsa, Milwaukee, and Naperville are redesigning their obscure city flags into timeless, symbolic, prideful gestures for their communities. We, too, have had an uproar in community pride these last few years. Even this holiday was created last year! Now’s the time to make this happen. Now’s the time to campaign for a Rockford flag.


 We have many problems plaguing our community, but we need a banner to rally behind to face those problems together.









It all started when...

"It all started when we saw Roman Mars' TED Talk on how city flags may be the worst designed thing you've never noticed. One conversation led to another, and before we knew it we created the Campaign for a Rockford Flag. We're passionate about Rockford, and a timeless, symbolic, prideful city flag is what we need to unite our community to face our bigger problems together."

- The Team